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    Enrol your child

    To enrol your child, we just need the following:

    • Enrolment Form completed with:
      • Start Date specified
      • Enrolment timetable specified
      • Emergency contacts completed
      • 20 Hours ECE Attestation Completed (if applicable)
      • Parent Signatures where required
    • Photo ID for Parents/Guardians (E.g. Passport or Driver’s Licence)
    • Birth Certificate or Passport for the Child
    • Child’s Plunket Book or Immunisation Record
    • Details of Family Contact persons, authorised to collect children
    • Details of Custody Arrangements (if applicable)
    • Deposit Payment (Administration and one week’s fees)


      Biggles Childcare offers subsidies where appropriate. The two main subsidies available are:

      20 Hours Subsidy – for children aged 3-years-old or older, the 20 hours subsidy can be applied. This enables your child to attend a centre for 20 hours a week funded by the government.

      WINZ – you may also, qualify for childcare support based on your family income level. Our team can help you with completing the required paperwork for this.

      Biggles Childcare also offers a family discount in some circumstances, if you have more than one child attending.