Great teacher/child ratio

Favourable ratios of adults to infants – 1 adult to 3 children is considered ideal for the provision of high quality infant care. In New Zealand, the legal minimum ratio is 1:5, and this is the ratio which many centres maintain.

  • three months to two years – Ratio of teachers to children: 1:3
  • two years and over – Ratio of teachers to children: 1:7

Biggles has chosen to maintain a 1 : 3 ratio in the Cub House. This ratio, significantly better than that which is required by law, makes it possible for us to be well-attuned to the children’s needs, spend quality time with individual children, and provide the extra care that each child needs on occasion.

Environments which facilitate low levels of stress. Such environments are associated with healthy brain development, and feature soothing adults, responsive attuned care, and a calm atmosphere.