Biggles Childcare - Henderson

Kea room

3 Months to 18 months

Favourable ratios of adults to infants – 1 adult to 3 children is considered ideal for the provision of high quality infant care. In New Zealand, the legal minimum ratio is 1:5, and this is the ratio which many centres maintain.

Biggles has chosen to maintain a 1 : 3 ratio in the Kia room. This ratio, significantly better than that which is required by law, makes it possible for us to be well-attuned to the children’s needs, spend quality time with individual children, and provide the extra care that each child needs on occasion. Environments which facilitate low levels of stress. Such environments are associated with healthy brain development, and feature soothing adults, responsive attuned care, and a calm atmosphere.

At Biggles we achieve a low-stress environment by being mindfully ‘tuned in’ to our babies at all times, and gentle in our interactions with them. We work with relatively small group sizes – no more than 9 children, and generally not more than 6 engaging in any particular activity at one time. We adopt the sleeping and feeding routines of home, keeping pace with changes as children grow and develop.

Tui room

18 months to 3 years

When your child attends our toddler room you can expect to find a secure and loving environment that will help your child develop at their own pace. Children are further encouraged to develop their independence both with their learning and with their social and personal skills such as toileting.

Our daily routine includes both structured activities and time for free play inside and outdoors. Our team of teachers take time to really get to know your child and their interests and develop a programme that suits them. If your child has moved up from our Kia room. their previous teachers will already have passed on useful information.

You will be kept regularly updated with your child's achievements through our learning journals and diaries and, of course, you are welcome to chat to our teachers at drop-off and pick-up times.

Kiwi Room

3 years to 5 years

Children in the preschool have a wide range of activities on offer

At our Biggles we are influenced by both the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy and RIE approach to childcare and in following this we work hard to observe children's interests and provide activities and experiences to extend their learning in those areas of interest.

Children in the preschool are offered a range of organised learning activities including:

  • art
  • baking
  • carpentry
  • memory games
  • music and drama
  • games and puzzles

And time for spontaneous play and less structured activities including:

  • water play
  • messy play
  • play dough
  • outdoor play

Group activities happen at set times during the day and at other times children are free to choose which activities they would like to take part in. Positive social interactions such as turn taking, sharing and role modelling are encouraged and fostered.

The 4-year olds enjoy the preschoolers programme an extension program providing extra curriculum activities designed to further extend their education and knowledge, so they are ready for school.